Wednesday, October 27, 2010

1...2...3...first down...

these are words that are chanted in the seats behind were we sit in neyland stadium. i have to admit that at first it got on my ever loving last nerve. i mean every time the vols would get a first down you would here "One...Two...Three...FIRST DOWN!!!!". really? do we have to chant that every time? well, now days, they are welcome fact this past week at the ut/alabama game, i found myself joining in the celebration... 

it is rough this year in vol country. in derek dooley's first year he has suffered the worst defeat in neyland stadium and the worst loss to alabama. he knows it is tough as he has said in press conferences that he is constantly reminded of it!!

sunny and i went with my brother in law and father in law to the ut/alabama game this past weekend and i have to say when tauren poole broke through the line and went 59 yards to the checkerboards...i was hopeful. i was like "ok, here we's on!!!" then i go to get a dt coke and bag of peanuts and come back and the tide is up 13 - 7. what the heck...well, they did kick a field goal right before half time and it was 13-10...still a game. i thought wow...they should not be this close to the defending national champs.

third quarter came and it was ballgame. 21 unanswered points in the 3rd quarter to the tide. there were a couple of good drives that resulted in getting into the red zone only to be intercepted. the better team won. period. this team is young (most of these guys were playing high school football last fall) and they are learning the new coaches and the new coaches are getting used to the SEC. maybe in another post i'll talk about the coaches, but for now i'll stick to the ala/ut game.

in my humble, honest opinion matt simms should have played the entire game. tyler bray should not have been put in. when he was in there were 4 penalties for 21 yards. now this could have been coincidence but it makes sense to me that the o-line was not comfortable with bray and it showed. *side note* i am no coach, don't want to be, just an avid sports fan that tries to be informed. at no point in this blog should one look for knowledge about plays or for guidance on how to run a football team (in case coach dooley is reading, i can't really help you sir)*

i haven't watched the defense that much, but i have to say when georgia puts up 41 points on you then there might be something to look at. alabama put up 41 but they have a heisman trophy winning running back in mark ingram and 2 more that look like they could be in richardson and lacy. oregon put up 48 and they have a heisman candidate in lamichael james. coach wilcox came from boise state and had a heck of a defense up there. i have no doubt that he will get the defense up to par...BUT he has to have some players. that is what this whole teams problem is...lack of players. i am frustrated now because the team isn't good, but it will get better. a couple of years and the vols will be back in the thick of the SEC race.

then maybe the words will get on my nerves again, but until then i will route and cheer for every 1...2...3...first down. GO VOLS!!!!!

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